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Terumo Europe is a fundamentally major participant on the health care market of EMEA, there supplying premium quality products and providing high-level services. The company is active on many professional fields.


Interventional Cardiology

Terumo’s Interventional Systems Division is a global market leader in cardiovascular interventions and supplies minimally invasive devices for treating coronary disorders.

Terumo’s philosophy is to supply high-quality  devices that are utilizing unique and innovative technologies.  It offers a comprehensive portfolio of devices and services that cover the area of coronary disorder diagnostics and treatments.

Its products include: catheters/stents, compression products, guide wires, imaging


Interventional Oncology

Terumo develops products and devices for interventional radiology teams that are specialized in treating patients with oncological indications. For an innovative treatment of patients Terumo offers a full range of interventional oncology products that are focusing on accessing, on local-regional treatment, and on endovascular embolization.

Products include: ablation devices, catheters, compressing devices, coils, guide wires, micro-pearls, sheaths.


Peripheral Intervention

As a pioneer and market leader in minimally invasive diagnostics, Terumo offers a full range of therapy devices for endovascular procedures, to enable the treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Products include:, catheters, compressing devices, guide wires, sheaths. stents.


Cardiovascular Surgery

The cardiac and vascular systems division of Terumo supplies clinical devices for heart and blood vessel operations, with special emphasis on cardiopulmonary bypass products, on intraoperative monitoring  and on heart surgery operations. This covers a comprehensive series of perfusion products, of electromechanical products, endoscopic vessel harvesting products, and surgical stabilization products.


Products include:

  • catheters
  • compressing devices
  • guide wires
  • sheaths
  • stents


Needles and syringes

Safety devices

Infusion Therapy

Needles and syringes

Safety devices

Treatment of diabetes