Public Procurement

Dear Partners,

In Hungary, conducting of public procurement is subject to Act of Parliament No. CXLIII of 2015 an act that is being frequently amended. Transition to e-Procurement practice has fundamentally changed the ways and means of procurement procedures.

In addition to stipulations and requirements imposed by the Act, there is quite a number of particular legal regulations applicable to individual and special cases of public procurement!

During the years that passed since the 'Public Procurement Act' has come into effect, both authorities/entities announcing tenders and bidders became quite familiar – by struggling more or less – with the essential provisions and requirements of the Act. However, both handling specific cases and utilizing possible facilities meant to ease the chores of tendering still may cause serious difficulties, not to speak about the challenges created by the introduction of e-Procurement. Facing the frequent amendments to the Act, one has to be alert and must carefully study and apply its new stipulations. thus, in many a situation the former practice and routine cannot be automatically followed.

Under certain regulations one may be favored by grants and financial support that must be applied for in connection with some types of tenders, and thus, in the preparation and implementation phases of projects, the exact and complying realization of public procurement procedures requires more than usual attention and care, as an inadequate response may lead to reduction in the amount of financial aid or even to the withdrawal of granted money.

The immense scope, the diversity of the applicable legislation, the actual or only apparent contradictions therein encountered logically raises the need for experience and professionality, as well as routine in handling the public procurement projects..

Therefore, for partners the realization of public procurement projects poses serious expenditure in costs and labor as well as in administration and management (often too much to cope with).

A strictly defined system of administrative procedures and the preparation phase of tendering (which is crucial for successful bidding!), followed by managing and performing in precise compliance with contractual and documenting obligations, requires extreme care and awareness, a most systematic approach and constant monitoring of progress.

In order to assist in such activities, we offer our help and expertise and provide professional advice in connection with Your public procurement projects., in the form of regular/monthly consultations or by performing the tasks of bidding and contract performance.

Our objective
is to lend maximum priority to Your interests and to represent them under the conditions of frequently changing legislation and in fulfilling the requirements of the "Public Procurement Act" (Kbt.).

For us it is fundamental that also the entities participating in the relevant public procurement project shall find and feel the form and manner of the tendering and of project performance as fair and correct. Thereby we can be sure to avoid inconvenience and complaints and to prevent delays in performance and legal actions, and we may rest in confidence that purchases and services shall be realized as scheduled.

We offer to realize any of Your public procurement aspirations, to perform any task related to Your contracts, such as

  • purchasing goods and products (e.g. medical equipment, medical supplies)
  • providing a variety of services (e.g. stand-by health care personnel, house cleaning, security services)
  •  execution of construction projects

According to the Act (Kbt.) for certain types of tenders the tender’s owner is required to use the services of an Official Public Procurement Advisor (FAKSZ)

Professional questions:

Principle of trusting: Public-procurement-related advice is basically a relationship of trusting between Your company and our staff.

Professional experience: Our staff, being active and experienced in public procurement for 25 years now , is best equipped to assist partners to be successful in acquisitions.

The various professional fields: Well-known experts on the main areas of public procurement practice (including preparation of offers, managing contract performance, consultancy activites) are available who are in MedlineS employment or are. under contract. Of course, we do not shy away from working with specialists preferred by the Client.

  •  Our experts have qualifications obtained in highest-level training and education, many of them have specific licenses and authorizations:
    • as MSc or BSc engineers, technicians in health care
    •  as experts in law, in economics, or as construction project managers
    •  as authorized experts in public procurement, possessing a FAKSZ-license
    • as certified advisers and clerks in EU-tendering and tender realization
    •  as health care technology experts.

This structure of staff – showing specific and individual skills - ensures high professionality in public procurement practice. This automatically means that a close cooperation among several of the different disciplines is required for being successful and optimally effective in this field.

Our company has ample references resulting from decades in the profession. They cover both the segment of Tender Owners and of bidders, as it follows from our scope of business we also do regularly submit bids for supplying medical equipment, and know well what to consider in our activities to respect the expectations of both sides. We also have the expertise to deal with legal remedy cases (occurring on any side of transactions).

We are constantly monitoring changes in legislation in the field of public procurement, we are alert in finding out the aims and objectives of pending legal changes and the opportunities that may emerge. Our practical knowledge and skills mean more and continued assistance in making your business ideas a reality.

Public procurement practice:

Our colleagues have by now worked on more the one thousand public procurement bidding procedures and participated in preparing bids and were involved in performing contracts. Projects included some large-volume tenders for governmental bodies (e.g. the Ministry of Health), and also World Bank tenders. The practical skills and knowledge therein embodied are of utmost importance, as any legal complaint resulting from inadequate or deficient tender specifications (frequently occurring with an unexperienced staff) or opting for an mishap bidding method may lead to serious delay in delivery or performance. Thus, the principal or partner may suffer great financial losses (due to costs incurring in repeated bidding, penalties, loss of income, etc..), not to speak about the loss in reputation of entities and persons involved.

Quality assurance:
Our company introduced and adheres to the compliance practice according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard….

  • also for our services provided in performing and advising public procurement projects,
    which means that we are in a position to provide highest-level service and assistance to our partners.


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Hoping to work with and for You!

Best Regards,


Director of Tendering

Official Public Procurement Advisor, chartered under No. 00056


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Director of Tendering, 

Official Public Procurement Advisor


Ms. GYŐRY Erika

Official Public Procurement Advisor, chartered under No. 01261